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About Swanage Skatepark Community Project

​SSCP was founded in 2023 to give our community a say in the evolution and improvement of Swanage Skatepark, raise funds for new equipment and build an inclusive and welcoming culture around the skatepark by hosting events that will inspire and attract more users. 


SSCP will continue the decades of fundraising and community engagement carried out by Lorna Haines. Thanks to Lorna’s hard work Swanage Skatepark has proven valuable to many generations of young people; supporting mental and physical health as well as social and personal development. We are grateful that Lorna is chairperson of SSCP.  

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Our mission

  • To bring new equipment and flow back to Swanage skatepark

  • Foster a sense of belonging for skaters of all ages and abilities and create a positive skatepark culture which promotes the values of our project

  • Engage with Swanage Skatepark users and raise funds to create a facility that inspires and empowers our community to reach new heights on wheels

  • Work with Swanage Town Council and local organisations to support projects which positively benefit young people in our community 

  • Obtain, collect and receive money or funds by way of donations, grants and any other lawful method towards the aims of the group

Project aims

  • Run a transparent public consultation to inform a new design brief for Swanage Skatepark and assist with funding applications 

  • Create a design brief for the improvement of Swanage Skatepark

  • Raise funds

  • Ensure voices of Swanage Skatepark users are represented in creation of the brief, design and build

  • Keep our local community informed on the progress of the project

  • Continue to raise funds to cover the cost of regular events/lessons/equipment to make Swanage Skatepark an accessible and well utilised community space

Our values 

  • We value kindness, inclusivity, transparency, positivity, respect and the opportunity for learning

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