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Consultation Survey Results

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

This was the first survey of it's kind for Swanage Skatepark. Not only has it served the desired purpose of providing the information needed to create a design brief for the new park. It's shown how much demand there is from our community to utilise the space more fully with regular events and activities. There's huge potential for Swanage Skatepark!

  • 170 people responded to the survey.

  • 80% of people who responded live in Swanage or a nearby town/village

  • 81% of people who responded are Swanage Skatepark users

  • Young people age 0-15 made up 35% of the respondents to the survey. By comparison, this age groups makes up 12.3% of the population in Swanage. The high number of survey responses from this age group highlights the importance of the skatepark to young people.

Thank you to everyone who took part!

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1 Comment

Simon Baker
Simon Baker
Dec 18, 2023

Hi, great to see the survey results and it was very comprehensive, here's hoping the council acts on it soon! Just a couple of comments on the dirt jumps aspect - I think there would be significant demand for something that combined a pump track and dirt jumps for the large mountain bike community as well as the bmx, skateboard and scooter groups. It would need to be well thought out to satisfy all groups and levels. On potential erosion of the dirt jumps, properly faced and landscaped features would not simply blow away and, in any case, there is a significant community would would be happy to do any maintenance required. Best wishes Simon

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